5 Stocking Fillers Your Kids Will Love

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This article, written by a visting author, provides alternative suggestions for Christmas stocking stuffers.

This Christmas, when you’re looking for fun things to put in your kids’ stockings, don’t just rely on the old fail safes of chocolates and toys – buy them something unique or something that they’re really going to enjoy.  Furthermore, there’s really no reason why the Christmas stocking has to be the side event – turn it into something truly special for Christmas 2013 and your kids will remember it forever.


5 – Healthy Treats

You don’t need to give up on the idea of a food-filled stocking altogether.  Why not make your own festive foods and give your kids a tasty Christmas treat for their stockings.  There are plenty of great ideas on Pinterest – from nutty cookies to festive cranberry-filled fudge, which eaten in moderation, can give your kids a useful burst of energy when they’re trying to get through all of their homework ready for school.

4 – School Essentials

You might want to think about supplying your kids with some of the essential things they’ll need for school.  For example, a trendy pencil case like the ones available from Skate Hut filled to the brim with nice stationary and art tools will be a useful stocking filler.

3 – Games, Games, Games

Although the vast majority of games are available from various digital distribution services such as Steam, Nintendo E-Shop, Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, there’s nothing wrong with getting your kids gift cards to those services which allow them to purchase a game or two.   They’re the perfect size for a stocking filler.

2 – Subscriptions Galore

These days, kids don’t listen to music or watch TV in the traditional way.  They prefer to stream music and other forms of entertainment down from the cloud, so therefore it might be a great idea to buy them a subscription to their favourite streaming services.  On Spotify, for example, a premium access lets you listen to unlimited ad-free music.

1 – A Secret Note

If you’re determined to have all of your kids’ presents in their stockings, you’re potentially going to be limited for space. So if you’ve bought them something large, you could leave a short note with a treasure hunt-style description in the stocking and then hide the present somewhere, turning the process of locating the gift into a short game.

Ultimately, there are lots of ways to turn the Christmas stocking into your kids’ favourite thing about Christmas day, so get creative and give them a seasonal stocking that’ll blow them away.

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    We don’t do stockings, but my daughter would like the games idea – she actually asked her aunt to get her a Nintendo Shop GC as her gift this year :)

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