5 Reasons to DRINK Apple Cider Vinegar

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I have done some pretty bizarre things on this journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


  • I put oregano oil on my feet.
  • I have started taking fermented cod liver oil.
  • I ordered grass-fed gelatin to use for cooking and as a dietary supplement.
  • I have a freezer full of beef and chicken bones to make homemade broth.
  • I drink apple cider vinegar.

It sounds weird, I know. But I have to admit that I LOVE the taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar is esentially made from fermented apples. Yes, I said fermented. The most basic way to make it involves letting the apples turn brown, putting them in a jar and covering them with water. Depending upon how you make it, it can take anywhere from 1-6 months to ferment. When it is done, you remove the large pieces of apple and you are left with apple cider vinegar.

Or you can just buy it.

Not all apple cider vinegar is greated equal, however. You ideally want unpastuerized, organic apple cider vinegar (apples are one of the EWG’s dirty dozen with regards to pesticide exposure) with “the mother.” It’s a really strange description but “the mother” are the leftover strands of protein from the apple that are high in enzymes and minerals your body needs. It makes the vinegar look a little bit cloudy, but you really don’t see it when you shake it up.

How to cure your cold naturally with 5 reasons to DRINK apple cider vinegar

Fermented foods are gaining more and more popularity. Things like Kombucha, kefir and sourdough bread are making the rounds in the health-minded communities because of their beneficial properties. The Washington Post even recommends fermented foods in the parenting section of their newspaper: Fermented foods bubble with healthful benefits.

5 Reasons to DRINK Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Fights germs

Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic, antibiotic and germ fighter. Its antimocrobial properties can clean surfaces in your home and help fight germs in your body. One of the most prescribed antibiotic drugs, penicillin, is derived from a fungus, it’s not that far off to consider that fermented foods would fight bacteria as well.

2. Promotes a healthy gut

Because apple cider vinegar is a fermented food, it helps support the good bacteria in our bellies much like probiotic supplements. Because the health of your gut determines the strength of your immune system, it can help keep you healthier and helps support your body’s germ fighting abilities. It can also reduce gas, bloating and heartburn.

3. Balances blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar lowers glucose levels which helps improve insulin sensitivity causing fewer spikes to your blood sugar levels. This is helpful for everyone because insulin resistence can wreak havoc on our bodies and cause weight gain, but is especially beneficial for diabetics.

4. Clears a stuffy nose

I am not exactly sure why apple cider vinegar helps clear sinus passages but it does. This was the reason I began drinking it to start with. I had read that it can help with clogged sinuses and the first time I took it, it not only cleared them, my sinus headache went away as well.

5. Soothes a sore throat

I have read a few different reasons why this is true. Gargling with apple cider vinegar can help kill the germs causing a sore throat because of its high alkalinity. Germs just can’t survive. I have found that often my sore throat is caused by sinus drainage, so this is a result of the apple cider vinegar helping to clear a stuffy nose. Either way, I noticed a marked improvement.

Those 5 reasons alone were enough for me to try drinking apple cider vinegar, but the health benefits don’t end there.

Apple cider vinegar also:

  • Relieves bad breathe
  • Reduces body odor
  • Helps cure yeast infections and reduce candida in the body
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Helps relieve nighttime muscle cramps
  • Fights foot or skin fungus
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces dandruff

How to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

So you aren’t just going to drink apple cider vinegar straight. Supposedly the high acid isn’t great for your teeth long term when it’s not diluted and I’m not sure it would taste that great.

Here is how I drink my apple cider vinegar:

  • 1 tbsp apple cider vineger (organic, non-pastuerized and with “the mother”)
  • 1 tsp local raw honey
  • 8-10 oz warm water
  • mix together and enjoy

I actually enjoy the taste of this and have chosen it instead of tea some days. I even think I could add the apple cider vinegar to tea, I might try that next time!

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Hey, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If you have medical conditions, consult your doctor. None of this is medical advice.

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  1. Amy D. says

    I have been drinking diluted apple cider vinegar since I was very young. I prefer it without the lemon/honey/etc. A cap full in 6-8 oz of water is great.

    I have kept myself gallbladder surgery free for over 8 years due to Bragg’s. It is a product no home should be without!

    I serve it in 100% grape juice to my kids (1 tsp in 6-8 oz). You can hardly taste it! The grape juice and the vinegar are each able to help your body be more alkaline.

  2. Teresa says

    I’m excited to try this! I also like to drink apple cider vinegar in a little mocktail- juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 T apple cider vinegar, and 10-12 oz sparkling water.

  3. ellen beck says

    I ADORE apple cider vinegar and in particular Braggs. Recently I was having gall bladder attacks and likely put off a surgery for 4-6 months by using it. Its great also to relieve gallbladder problems.

    I am a oddball I actually like the taste of it straight out of the bottle ha! With honey it is good too and it does make for a good drink like you make it only I like mine hot during the winter.

    Drinking apple cider vinegar is actually a very old home remedy, and it is amazing how much it can do and it isnt something that can hurt!

    • says

      That is great to know about the gall bladder issues!

      I don’t mind the taste either but I know a lot of people don’t, but as a natural remedy more people need to have an open mind and try it. It’s much better for you overall if you can avoid things that aren’t natural to help heal you.

  4. Dave says

    Not sure what to think of the factual errors in this article. First, the vinegar is said to fight “germs” and act as an antibiotic, yet it also acts as a probiotic in the gut. Sorry, but those two things are incompatible. No one food can do both, since antibiotics kill bacteria while probiotics support bacteria. The second error is even more pronounced. The author refers to the high “alkalinity” in the vinegar, even while correctly saying later that it is an acid. Acids and alkalines are the exact opposite things in chemistry! Again, no single compound can be both. An acid CANNOT have ANY alkaline properties. This author apparently needs to straighten out her factual information.

    • says

      This author doesn’t need to straighten anything out.

      There are no factual errors and actually saying that “no food can do both” is extremely false. Real food has many nutritive properties, and the actual act of supporting good bacteria in the gut promotes germ fighting in the body, therefore it is both antibiotic and probiotic. The body is doing the work here, the REAL FOOD is just providing the body with the tools it needs to do so.

      “It contains agents that kill bad bacteria, promote good bacteria, fight fungus and relieve pain just to mention a few of it’s benefits.”

      This is just one example, many other places cite the same information.

      And as for the acid vs alkaline:

      “Even though vinegar is acidic, when we take apple cider vinegar it has an alkaline effect in our bodies. The fact that apple cider vinegar causes our pH levels to become more alkaline could play a large part in it’s curative properties. It also reacts to some toxins in our bodies, converting them into less toxic substances. Our bodies need a slightly alkaline pH balance to be healthy. The typical Western diet creates an acidic pH in our bodies, and many health problems are attributed to this. Taking a tonic containing apple cider vinegar can help restore alkalinity, and therefore assist the body in getting rid of some of the health problems listed above.” (thehealthyeatingsite.com/benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar/)

      Again just one example of hundreds citing the same findings.

      The human body is an amazing thing, and part of the problem with our health culture today is that we treat it like a chemistry experiment – which it most certainly is not. The only thing that gets us is rampant, worsening medical conditions and more and more chemical pharmaceuticals in order to cover up symptoms rather than find a cure.

      As a blogger my articles are opinion based upon experience and research. Just because you can’t replicate something from nature in a lab doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  5. says

    The two days before Christmas I was dealing with unbearable ear pain from my sinuses. I tried this and just wanted to say thank you for bringing this to my attention! It really helped, and I really enjoyed the taste.

  6. says

    I’ve been wondering about this but has no clue how to take it. I would have tried it straight. Haha!

    How often do you drink it? Daily as maintenance or only when you feel bad?

  7. says

    I started drinking it to help pass a kidney stone. I had no clue it helped with all the other things you stated… looks like I need to keep drinking apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard Bragg is a great brand. Have you tried any others?

  8. says

    I just did a 5 day detox that included this in the am and before going to bed. I can’t say I really got used to it until the last day. I shared this post with the group so they could see the benefits.

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