4 Ingredients cookbook by Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

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4 Ingredients: More Than 400 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes Using 4 or Fewer Ingredients

The book 4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham is a cookbook designed for busy moms.

Product Details

  • Atria, March 2011
  • Paper Over Board, 288 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1451635141
  • ISBN-13: 9781451635140
  • Retail price: $18.00

4 Ingredients cookbook by Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

From the publisher:

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 . . . 4 Ingredients!

Imagine succulent Chicken, Butternut, and Chickpea Curry with brown rice, a light, palette-cleansing Orange, and Almond Salad, and a decadent serving of warm Flourless Chocolate Cake. If this sounds like the menu for an elaborate dinner party that requires hard-to-find ingredients and endless hours in the kitchen, think again!

Internationally bestselling authors Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham have created more than 400 quick, easy, and delicious recipes that only require four ingredients. Included are fantastic dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and entertaining, as well as meals specially designed for children, including lunchbox menus.

With 4 Ingredients, home chefs will learn how to:

* Make weeknight family dinners simple and special.

* Provide delicious, home-cooked meals and spend less money.

* Cook with fewer utensils—1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, and 1 measuring cup!

* Spend less time at the sink. Four ingredients for each dish means less cleanup!

Find out what home chefs all over the world have already discovered. 4 Ingredients is perfect for the busy, budget-conscious cook!

My thoughts:

It’s hard for me not to review this book from the perspective of someone who prefers healthier food choices and is looking for creative and easy, yet healthy recipes for my family.  From the perspective,  this book is not a healthy cookbook.  It doesn’t specify lowfat ingredients over full fat and it does not have nutrition information.


From the perspective of a busy mom who is looking for an alternative over frozen and fast foods, 4 Ingredients has got it going on!

This book has over 400 recipes for every type of meal from breakfast all the way to dessert and includes a section for kids recipes with lunchbox ideas.

Each recipes has no more than 4 ingredients (salt, pepper and water are not counted as an ingredient), and they are all fairly easy to make, and many of the ingredients are ones that you already have anyway or are easy to get.

And while this book is not meant to be a healthy cookbook, cooking from scratch with only 4 ingredients turns out to lend itself to being far more healthier than eating processed and fast food.

I like that this book takes average, everyday kitchen staples and makes a yummy meal out of it.  I also like that some of the recipes, while simple, would make a great dish to bring to a pot luck or a party.

Some of the recipes I plan on making first:

  • Hummus (I just bought Hummus for the first time, who knew it was so easy to make at home!)
  • Oranges & Cinnamon (with coconut – healthy and yummy)
  • Tomato & Feta Salad
  • Vegetable Lasagna (uses sweet potatoes)
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Homemade Peanut butter
  • Melon Delight (a drink with melon, pineapple juice, honey & mint)

I’m very excited about this cookbook and am using it for menu planning this week.

If 4 Ingredients had nutrition information and a few pictures it would be practically perfect!

You can learn more on their Facebook page.

About the authors:

Kim McCosker is a formal financial advisor and the mother of three boys: Morgan (8), Hamilton (5), and Flynn (2), and the wife of one: Glen.   Kim designed the 4 INGREDIENTS concept, and with her childhood friend, Rachael Bermingham, she is now the author of four bestselling 4 INGREDIENTS books.  She lives in Queensland, Australia with her family.

Rachael Bermingham is one of the #1 self-published female authors in Australia.  A spirited, energetic and enthusiastic mother of Jaxson (5) and twins Bowie and Casey (8 months), she self-published her first book Read My Lips (a motivational book for women on how to achieve their goals), while breastfeeding Jaxson.  She co-wrote her second book, 4 INGREDIENTS, with her friend Kim McCosker, during his naptimes, and co-wrote her third book, 4 INGREDIENTS 2 at night. In addition, Rachael still successfully manages 4 INGREDIENTS and her book distribution company Bermingham Books from her home office and was shortlisted last year to become a Queensland finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.  She lives with her family on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

You can purchase the 4 Ingredients cookbook at Amazon.com for $11.98.

I received a copy of the book mentioned from the publisher for review.

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