Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes – because fresh is more than a state of mind

We have been using Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes for awhile now, and honestly when I go somewhere and don't have them, it makes me wish I had brought my own container with.  I don't know how we ever got by without them, they make such perfect sense!As much as it is a funny topic to discuss, we all use toilet paper.Everybody poops (yeah I said it).Whether we want them to or … [Read more...]

Got milk? Are you a good role model?

milk moustache

Moms are one of the most influential factors in a child's life.  Even when we don't realize it they are paying attention to the things we do and how we do them.Every day I do something that my kids want to do too, from working out to eating right and it really makes me pay attention to the little decisions I make knowing they are learning how to make right choices simply by seeing me make … [Read more...]

Dialect Vlog Hop – How do they say that in Indiana? episode 2

This is a fun little blog meme invented by Annie from MamaDweeb called the 'Dialect Vlog Hop'.Basically you make a video saying a predetermined list of words and answering a list of questions in order to hear the different ways people pronounce things.It's pretty fun to do, and quick and easy.You can see my first episode here: Dialect Vlog Hop – How do they say that in Indiana?I … [Read more...]

“Grandma’s teeths come out”

Today at dinner my daughter was rambling while she ate.It's a common occurrence so I don't always pay close attention until I heard this: "then she washes them with soap."And I was intrigued."What did you say Abby?"She responded, "when I was at Grandma's she took her teeths out and she washed them with soap and the water."I laughed.A lot.Then I said "her teeth come out, … [Read more...]

Stride Rite summer sandal BOGO sale!

stride rite bogo sale

I don't know what it is about my son's feet but we tried on 40 pairs of sandals at the mall and he complained about every last pair.He's that way about everything he has to wear.Something always "bothers" him.In our quest for sandals that fit him, we did not have the opportunity to try Stride Rite, so when they emailed me to share their summer BOGO sale and offered to send me a pair of … [Read more...]

20 Second Fitness: day 3

On the surface, 20 Second Fitness looks easy.Especially to me.Insanity graduate (yeah, I even got the t-shirt)Treadmill junky.Overall quite a specimen of physical fitness (*snort*).But looks can be deceiving.It kicked my butt tonight.12 minutes.Only 12 minutes.I did Insanity workouts that were 4-5 times that.Yes I struggled with a 12 minute workout.Sets … [Read more...]

Dreams Resort & Spas – Cancun, Mexico: and I came back home, why?

Dreams Resort & Spa

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Mexico and staying at Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spas.And it was truly amazing.Wow.Dreams is an "unlimited-luxury" resort meaning that everything is included with your stay - food, drinks, activities and more!  It is right on the Caribbean Sea and nothing beats the locale or the view.Dreams has been named on a number of … [Read more...]

Meaningful morning moments with Florida Orange Juice

meaningful morning checklist

I admit that we tend to rush around in the morning getting ready for our day and don't actually spend a lot of quality time together.  In fact, many mornings we don't eat breakfast together.  My kids eat in front of the TV, my husband rarely eats at all, and I eat once I can relax a little bit after my son has gotten on the school bus.Mornings here are a FLASH of panic and activity and half … [Read more...]

20 Second Fitness: do you have 4-12 minutes a day?

20 second fitness program

Last week I finished up 60 grueling days of the Insanity program (check out my Insanity results).And I admit that the last two weeks were extremely hard.  Not hard physically, but emotionally.  To continue to get up between 5 and 5:30 am indefinitely and continue a fitness program of that intensity for upwards of an hour a day is not completely realistic as a long-term plan for a busy … [Read more...]

Ester-C Gummies vitamin C

ester-c gummies

With spring and summer approaching, people often forget about their immune system.  They take it for granted.  They associate colds with cold weather.But you never know when you are going to get sick and summer colds are the worst!With Ester-C Gummies vitamin C, it's easy (and kinda fun) to take your vitamin C so you can protect yourself and your family year round.About Ester-C … [Read more...]

I have swimsuit confidence! May 23-27 is National Swimsuit Confidence Week!

swimsuit confidence

I just returned from a 4 day trip to Cancun, Mexico.Who goes to Cancun and doesn't swim, right?Well, the last time I wore a swimsuit, I think Ronald Reagan was in office.  Ok, maybe it wasn't that long ago, but I do know the suit I wore I bought when Reagan was in office.I've never been comfortable in a swimsuit.  Even when I was a size 8 and in great shape in college I still felt like … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger in Paradise


I've never been anywhere tropical.Even went I went somewhere sort of tropical - Florida, it was barely 65 degrees when I was there.Next week, thanks to the Mexico Tourism Board and Dreams Resorts & Spas Cancun, I will be in Cancun Mexico!Preparing for the trip hasn't been easy.  I tried on about 400 swimsuits and none of them fit.  Land's End, however, has come to my rescue and are … [Read more...]