Got milk? Are you a good role model?

milk moustache

Moms are one of the most influential factors in a child's life.  Even when we don't realize it they are paying attention to the things we do and how we do them. Every day I do something that my kids want to do too, from working out to eating right and it really makes me pay … [Read more...]

I earned it.

i earned it

I was so darn excited to show off my shirt that I couldn't wait for someone to take a picture for me. I'm inclined to be embarrassed over how dirty my mirror is, but nah - I EARNED MY INSANITY SHIRT.   … [Read more...]

Halo Heaven coupon code – 4 Day Memorial Day Sale

Halo Heaven coupon code - Halo Heaven promotional code Use coupon code MEMORIAL to get your 10% discount at PLEASE NOTE: This sale ends at midnight on Memorial Day, May 30th. This discount code does not apply to orders already placed or orders … [Read more...]

“Grandma’s teeths come out”

Today at dinner my daughter was rambling while she ate. It's a common occurrence so I don't always pay close attention until I heard this: "then she washes them with soap." And I was intrigued. "What did you say Abby?" She responded, "when I was at Grandma's she took … [Read more...]

20 Second Fitness: day 3

On the surface, 20 Second Fitness looks easy. Especially to me. Insanity graduate (yeah, I even got the t-shirt) Treadmill junky. Overall quite a specimen of physical fitness (*snort*). But looks can be deceiving. It kicked my butt tonight. 12 … [Read more...]

Meaningful morning moments with Florida Orange Juice

meaningful morning checklist

I admit that we tend to rush around in the morning getting ready for our day and don't actually spend a lot of quality time together.  In fact, many mornings we don't eat breakfast together.  My kids eat in front of the TV, my husband rarely eats at all, and I eat once I can … [Read more...]

20 Second Fitness: do you have 4-12 minutes a day?

20 second fitness program

Last week I finished up 60 grueling days of the Insanity program (check out my Insanity results). And I admit that the last two weeks were extremely hard.  Not hard physically, but emotionally.  To continue to get up between 5 and 5:30 am indefinitely and continue a fitness … [Read more...]

Ester-C Gummies vitamin C

ester-c gummies

With spring and summer approaching, people often forget about their immune system.  They take it for granted.  They associate colds with cold weather. But you never know when you are going to get sick and summer colds are the worst! With Ester-C Gummies vitamin C, it's easy … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger in Paradise


I've never been anywhere tropical. Even went I went somewhere sort of tropical - Florida, it was barely 65 degrees when I was there. Next week, thanks to the Mexico Tourism Board and Dreams Resorts & Spas Cancun, I will be in Cancun Mexico! Preparing for the trip … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 63 – final results

insanity before after front

I took the Insanity challenge and completed it! Yesterday was the last workout in my Insanity journey and today was the final fit test.  I achieved so much in 60 (well actually 63) short days. And I experienced INSANE results, some of which even a picture or measurements … [Read more...]

The Secret of Indigo Moon by G.P. Taylor – book review

the secret of indigo moon

"The Secret of Indigo Moon" by G.P. Taylor is the second book in The Dopple Ganger Chronicles. The book falls under the Young Adult category but is advertised as being designed to help "reluctant readers" discover the wonder of books.  When I received the book I didn't realize … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – gun control


I am just in awe of my own cleverness. And no. I had nothing better for this week. But it felt wrong not to post anything. Leave your WW link in the comments.  I'll try and visit! … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 56 (end of week 8)

week 8 insanity results

Today is the start of my 9th and final week doing the INSANITY workout program. I can't believe I'm almost done! I have to be honest as much as I enjoy doing it and feeling great, I am going to be glad for the break.  It really is an intense workout that challenges you … [Read more...]

RECARO ProSPORT Child Safety Seat review


Since 1906 RECARO has been designing seats for the automotive industry.  They are a pioneer in seat technology and have introduced groundbreaking technologies in safety areas such as side impact protection, integrated seat belts and head support. RECARO considers themselves … [Read more...]

Krups Universal Grill & Panini Maker

krups Panini maker

There is nothing like grilling a sandwich to take it to the next level.   Anyone can make a cold sandwich, but when you grill it, it becomes so much more than just a sandwich, it becomes a creation! I have always wanted a Panini maker. Always. Well, for at least as long … [Read more...]

INSANITY Max Interval Plyo – see me in action

insanity max interval plyo review

With all my progress photos and discussions about INSANITY, I have been promising you a video showing you one of the workouts.  It's one thing to see an infomercial with all these gorgeous hard bodies making something look so easy, and quite another to see a not-so-hard-body … [Read more...]

Pasta Shells with garlic butter & parmesan cheese sauce

Pasta Shells with garlic butter and parmesan cheese sauce

This evening, as usual, I had to scramble to find something to make for dinner.  I got a late start and wanted something easy since it was just the kids and I.  I pulled out some shell shaped pasta and scoured the web for a non-tomato sauce, sauce to go with it. I stumbled … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Train Day with Chuggington

chugginton dvd

Saturday May 7th is National Train Day! National Train Day is a day for train lovers to celebrate their love of trains.  It is hosted by Amtrak and in addition to organized events across the country, there are ways you can get involved too. You can host your own event or … [Read more...]

INSANITY 4th fit test results

Insanity results

I felt terrible when I got up this morning to workout.  I have 2 weeks left of INSANITY and this morning was another fit test. I had no energy, my stomach was upset and I was incredibly tired, more so than I have ever felt the whole previous month and a half I have been doing … [Read more...]

Have you ever? – paralyzed by parenting

I am an eternal optimist.  I have faith in God.  I pray and trust that He will give me the strength to handle anything that comes my way. But sometimes when it comes to my kids, something will flash in my brain and all logic, reason and faith is replaced with what amounts to … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 49 (end of week 7)

Week 7 INSANITY Results

I promised you a video last week. I failed. Let me preface the explanation of my failure by reminding you that I am a natural blonde. My Flip camera would not charge. I'd plug it in with the USB - nothing. I tried 3 different computers. Still no charge. So I … [Read more...]